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Luna Catering offers full service catering for all your event needs, from casual gatherings to elegant affairs.
Using only the freshest organic and local ingredients, each dish is prepared by hand for our customers.
Special dietary accommodations such as gluten free, dairy free, and Vegetarian options available.
Luna Catering provides on-site, corporate, or in-home catering.
Pre Fix options available in addition to unique and custom menu building.

Blue Moon


Holiday Orders Must be Placed Week Prior to Holiday and are to be Oven Ready Upon Delivery

– Lasagna
– Pork Loin, Ham,
OR Turkey and Stuffing
– Two Seasonal Local Veg
– Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
– Garden Salad

Total Eclipse Option

– Antipasto Platter

Black Moon

– Sit Down Event MP @ PP


Full Moon

(Casual Party/Game Day)

– Wings
– Shredded Chicken Tacos
OR BBQ Shredded Chicken Sliders
– Hand Dipped Corn Dog Bites
OR Mac and Cheese Bites
– Choice of House-Made French Onion OR Buffalo Chicken Dip

Eclipse (Elegant Buffet Style)

– Chicken Dish
– Salmon
– Pasta OR Rice
– Seasonal Local Veg
– Salad

Total Eclipse Option:
(With Canapés)


New Moon


– Two Sandwich Platters
– Salads and Fresh Fruits
OR Two Canapés
– Fresh Pressed Watermelon Juice


– BBQ Pulled Chicken or Pork
– Mac Sal, Slaw
– Baked Beans
– Garden Salad


– Finger Sandwiches
– Garden Salad
– Canapés
– Fresh Pressed Watermelon Juice

Total Eclipse Option:
(Small Pastries)


First Quarter Moon


– Potato Crusted Quiche (gf)
(- Chia Pudding (df)
– Overnight Oats
– Yogurt Parfaits)
– Seasonal Fruits
– Garden Salad
– Stuffed French Toast
OR Sandwiches

Total Eclipse Option

– Antipasto Platter
– Fresh Pressed Juices

Local Catering

Luna Catering takes pride in handmade, locally sourced dishes.

Whether it’s brunch or a formal dinner, our unique menu items are thoughtfully crafted, just for you.
Take the stress out of your next event or party and have Luna Catering prepare it.


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10am – 3pm – Consultations

Plan Your Next Event With Us

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